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Pasta Natura GF Teff Pasta - #128 Penne (250g)(BB: 21 Nov 2023)

Dry Goods Pasta Natura GF Teff Pasta -
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Pasta Natura GF Teff Pasta - #128 Penne (250g)(BB: 21 Nov 2023)

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Brand: Pasta Natura

Details: Gluten-free; Penne

Best Before: 21 November 2023

Country of origin: Italy

The good of pasta with teff flour
Teff flour pasta is a real surprise for the palate. With PASTA NATURA, delicacy and health have stopped to be in contrast. The porosity and roughness given by the bronze drawing make our pasta perfect to retain the sauce and to exalt every recipe's taste. You just have to try; your guests just wait for your delicious dishes. With our teff flour pasta you will offer them a healthy and delicious first course, able to fully satisfy them.

Teff flour's nutritional properties
PASTA NATURA's teff flour pasta is ideal for people willing to have healthy food on their table, full of good nutritional principles, without giving up to the taste. Teff flour pasta has a low glycaemic index, it is rich in fibres and it is easy to digest, it helps the intestinal regularity. Teff is naturally gluten free. Teff flour pasta is perfect for celiac people, for people following a low-calorie diet and for people looking for a healthy nutrition. Food with a low glycaemic index is perfect for people practicing sports, because it doesn’t give an energy peak, but releases gradually and constantly its energy. This mechanism also allows the hunger stimulus control. Teff also has antioxidant properties and helps to contrast the colon irritability. Teff is definitely an excellent source of vegetable proteins, vitamin B6, amino acids and minerals such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus and copper.

Cooking tips

  • Combine perfectly with a generous portion of fresh vegetables sautéed in a pan.
  • To give an innovative touch to the classic legume soup, that is usually more appreciated during the winter dinners, just combine it to teff flour stelline.
  • If you want to bring on your table a fresh and light dish, try the combination of teff flour sedanini with bottarga and cherry tomatoes, accompanied with a couple of basil leaves.
  • If you are a lover of delicate, complete and nutritious pasta dishes, try to prepare a cream with cheese and your favourite ingredients.
  • You can easily prepare recipes with this technique because teff flour pasta keeps well the cooking, it doesn’t overcook and remains firm to the bite.

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