Introducing our monthly bundle deals! (August: National Day theme)

Starting from the month of August 2020, we will be introducing a new bundle every month! Wondering how this is different from the other bundles that our customers are already crazy over? Below are three differences: 

#1: They are only available for a month :( 

Hey, we let you know the sad news first! Yes, these bundles will be time limited, as they are served as a testing ground for us to try out different assortments to see which are your favourites. If you’re interested in the month’s bundle, get them asap before they are gone! Write us your reviews if you hope to see them again, and… we will consider to include them to our regular bundles! 

#2: They follow unique themes

Every month, we will curate a new theme and design specific bundle set surrounding the theme. For the month of August, we will be having a National Day theme bundle where there will be a higher proportion of items that are in our national colours - Red & White. You can expect Red (brotherhood), from apple mango, dragonfruit, cherries, apples, red seedless grapes, to beetroot, red bell pepper, and cherry tomatoes and White (purity), from white button mushrooms, to cauliflower, radish and cabbage. 

#3: They are more awesome than the regular bundles

For customers who want something different every week and yet do not wish to go through the entire selection of what we have, the monthly bundle is perfect for you! You will get a rough idea of the different types of items you will be expecting and leave the hard job to us - we will make these unique bundles up weekly again so that you can always have something different each week! 

With a bigger value and more types (20 instead of the usual 14-16 items) within one bundle, we can allow for a higher proportion of seasonal items compared to the regular bundles. That means to say - you will get a chance to taste various fresh items and some you might not even hear of! You can provide us a to-avoid list so that we would omit those items from your bundles to give you an ease of mind.

More amazing than the complimentary nuts and seeds from Bundle D and Smoothie Bundle? Yes! This August, we will be offering complimentary 100g Amazin’ Graze Granola and the first 20 customers to get our August Bundle will receive additional 100g of granola!  

With that, do give our August Bundle a try! Majulah Singapura!