How Do We Envision UglyFood?

Our Goals For UglyFood

UglyFood aims to reduce food waste and promote sustainability not just at the supply chain level, but also through educating consumers and businesses. 

Here are some of the main goals that we will be working on to promote our cause!

Actively Working With Suppliers To Combat Surplus And Blemished Food

Vegetables and fruits comprise about half of the food waste generated in Singapore, with one of the key drivers being importing more than what is needed, leading to surplus food. Cosmetic filtering also contributes to a significant amount of “Ugly Food”(blemished fruits and vegetables) being discarded on a daily basis. Often, logistics issues such as improper storage and transportation mishaps could lead to blemished or slightly damaged food that would be considered “Ugly Food”. 

 The goal of UglyFood is to work with suppliers to target surplus and blemished food produced through various initiatives: 

  1. Reselling as fresh produce
  2. Turning surplus and blemished fruits and vegetables that are not as aesthetically pleasing into various food products
  3. Expanding our current product range to include products that have a longer shelf life. (Subscribe to receive updates!)

Inspiring Others To Adopt A Sustainable Lifestyle 

UglyFood is committed to inspiring others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle for the benefit of both individuals and our environment. We would like to emphasise the importance of fresh produce in a healthy diet and reducing our carbon footprint at the same time! Here is a sneak preview for some of our plans:

Adopting A Healthy Diet:

  1. More extensive outreach programmes that go beyond educating about just ugly food and food waste. UglyFood is looking to promote a healthy diet by educating about the sources of food and their health benefits.
  2. More engaging platform to raise awareness, such as through curating stories, using video games and interactive games to make our content light-hearted and fun!

Adopting Sustainable Lifestyle Habits:

UglyFood is still adopting packaging for reasons of better protection for fruits and vegetables. This would  greatly avoid further blemishing, especially for more fragile products like peaches. Nevertheless, Ugly Food aims to encourage better packaging practices as part of The Sustainability Project’s Zero Packaging Initiative via the following ways: 

  1.  Collecting donation of used packaging for fruits and veggies.
  2.  BYOB for shoppers and collecting donation of used shopping bags.

Join Us Now To Embrace Ugly Food For The Better Good!