Being Able to Adapt Kept Uglyfood Going

It’s been often said that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And indeed, in these tough times, UglyFood as a business, was stressed to its limits. Prior to COVID-19, we relied heavily on public and corporate events, where we were physically present to cater our products, and face to face learning journey workshops, where we educated our clients on the food ecosystem and how waste is prevalent. Our flagship store, located at SUTD, also had a steady foot traffic from the school and nearby offices. 

When the circuit breaker went into effect on 7th April, all our events were cancelled and our store had to shut.  With home delivery groceries being the only possible stream of revenue during this time, the team quickly incorporated a shopping store on our website and launched it by the end of April.  

Aiming to keep operational costs to a minimum, we kept grocery orders and deliveries to 2 days per week, while we invested in advertising to increase the reach of our online store.  With the launch of our online store, our sales increased by 20% week on week.  We also managed to run a few virtual workshop sessions via Zoom during the pandemic.  

The team has proved to be adaptable in a changing environment.  Now that more people are receptive to shopping for groceries online and are working remotely, this shift in people’s behaviour has also fundamentally changed the way we operate.  We must operate in an omni-channel world, combining both brick and mortar with the online experience.  

Building a team with the right skill sets is the key to success, and with the constant support of our followers and customers, we aim to instill change in people’s behaviour for the foreseeable future.